Mult zgomot pentru pitic

Azi a fost iar un mare meci putere-opozitie. Scor final: 5-0 pentru Boc.


De ce m-am apucat tocmai azi sa scriu? Si de ce tocmai despre politica pe care n-o pot suferi?

Pentru ca politica e o curva. Si sexul e cea mai cautata forma de entertainment. Iar in cazul romanilor, celalalt sport national cu f este fotbalul (nu ridica din sprancene, e pe drum o analogie).

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Random blog about various things

First of, before it gets any more “tomorrow” than it already is, I’ll throw a Happy Birthday to Kelly Clarkson out on the web. It’s not gonna hurt anyone, not even my ego. Here’s to you and your music, KC, and to me making it to as many of your shows as possible in the future. *raises virtual shot of Bailey’s* So… Happy Birthday, Kelly!


Secondly, I wanted to link this in. I’ve always loved South Park, despite the often crude humour, because underneath it all there’s always a serious topic on debate. And it’s witty.

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I may have mentioned this before, but I really am blessed in the friends department.

I have traveled halfway across the world and met up with people that took me along on a 5-day car road trip (yes, that one I still haven’t documented).

I’ve traveled halfway across the continent and been put up for the week by people I had only talked to online before.

I have friends that I can laugh with all day long, some of them which I haven’t even met in person yet, and some I only met once or twice.

I have friends I’ve known for years, that I can talk to after months of separation or after meeting up the day before, and still chat with for hours on end, about stuff from music to politics to life in general.

I have friends I can go dancing with all night long, and their appreciation for my dancing skills (or at least enthusiasm) is good for my ego.

And I have friends who invited me along for a meet-up last week (the usual loud, confusing, gregairous, talkative, fun, and did I mention loud sort of meet-up the Proactives always have), only to find out they had secretly planned an early birthday gift for me. Even though we don’t work together anymore and lately we mostly talk via e-mails.


So yeah, friends rule. Thanks for being there for me.

Practical vs. Romantic

One of the hazards of living in an apartment building, where you share resources with others, is that stuff sometimes gets cut off. Earlier this week, it was the water at the kitchen sink, because a shared pipe had to be replaced.

Last night (of course during a video game I hadn’t saved up to that point) the power went out. One quick fweeeoooom and then it was all dark as, well, night.

After the grr-I-was-playing-that groan, I waited for a couple of minutes but the power didn’t come back on. Then I took it as a sign I should call it a night, have a supper and get to bed.

It may or may not come as a surprise that I constantly feel the need to occupy my mind with something… if I can’t read or listen to music, the degree of rambling that goes on between my two neurons surpasses even the one noticeable in this here blog. And since 90% of the time I eat alone, there’s usually a book to keep me company.

I went therefore in search of light (doesn’t that sound like a quest?). I had thus the occasion to find a number of depleted batteries and a few broken torches. (I find that one rarely realizes how much junk one owns until the moment something useful is needed but barely found.)

Having finally found a working torch and pair of batteries, I realized I’d need the light to be at least slightly elevated if any reading was to take place (and putting stuff on bread using only one hand is also one of the skills I lack as yet). Then I remembered my scented candle I bought about 7 (yes seven) years ago but never used… and managed to fish out a box of matches.

Then I had a romantic dinner in the company of the charming Mr. Sherlock Holmes.

Who says romance is dead?

While on the subject of movies…

… I met up with a couple of good friends this Saturday for a long lunch. Then me and my friend John went and saw Alice In Wonderland. It promised to be enough of an adventure to not be a chick flick (therefore manly enough for him) and Tim Burton’s name on it was interesting enough for me. And it was 3D, which suggested that special effects and cool camera angles awaited us.

No, I didn’t go to see it because of Johnny Depp. I know, I know… how weird am I?


No, I’m not lying!

Besides, have you actually seen the trailer/movie stills/posters? An unkempt but charming pirate may have brought sexy back, but what they’ve done to turn him into the Mad Hatter has definitely turned sexy away again.


But he is cute. Whenever the weird took a break for the sad/pensive/melancholy, the Hatter was a character in need of a hug, and perfectly huggable at that.

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